Game Of Thrones - Sampler

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This Sampler consists of 22 themed fragrances in 1.5 oz. coin shaped parasoy wax melts.

***This Sampler CAN NOT be combined with any other items, and for shipping purposes needs to be ordered on its own.***

Game Of Thrones Sampler Scents:

1. Dorne: Sun-kissed Lemon, Lavender & Eucalyptus permeate the arid heat, and the sand is sweetened with the blood of a rose and musk as a rattlesnake dances by.

2. Dragon Milk: Inspired by a dark bourbon barrel beer that is strong and fit for royalty, featuring an enticing blend of bright hops, aged whiskey, full-bodied beer and pipe tobacco smoke.

3. Essence of Nightshade: Just a drop of this relaxing mixture of Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Lavender and Vanilla slipped into your goblet will make you fall in to a deep dreamless sleep.

4. Fire & Blood: Green foliage and galbanum permeates the air as The Battle at Winterfell is underway. Damp earth is kicked up by hooves as the horses charge. Flaming arrows soar overhead and the metallic scent of blood and spice provide a fresh yet warming finish.

5. Greyjoy Whiskey: Like a stormy night out on Ironman's Bay, this rugged blend of whiskey is reminiscent of siege and celebration featuring dark and stormy notes of whiskey, cognac, bourbon and wine.

6. Honey Cakes: After a large filling feast, honey cakes will put you to sleep. This sweet and soothing combo features notes of Vanilla Cake, Raw Honey & Chamomile that make for a must have dessert that is fit for a King.

7. Iron Islands: Violent waves crash into the cliffs while salty mist sprays into the air at Lordsport. This fragrance is finished with notes of wet sand dunes & sea grass.

8. King Of The North: Crisp Citrus & Eucalyptus mingle with hints of Cold Morning Air while this masculine scent is completed with notes of Meadow Grass & Cedarwood.

9. Kingsroad Brandy: While traveling many miles down the Kingsroad, stop at an inn to indulge in a tankard of brandy before tomorrow's battle. Slightly fruity and bold, this blend features notes of distilled wine, oak wood, rum & amber.

10. Lannister Cabernet: Nothing but the best to drink for the House of Lannister...Blackberry Jam, Strawberry & Raspberry notes are balanced with dry oak wood and vanilla bean to make for a rich full-bodied cabernet.

11. Milk Of Poppy: This intoxicating cocktail of White Poppy, Orange Zest & Magnolia blends smoothly with Sweet Jasmine Petals, Creamy Black Vanilla & Steamed Milk finish this heady and addictive treat.

12. Mother Of Dragons: A scent fit only for a queen - Peach, Violet & Muguet are harmoniously blended with a Dragon's Breath of Bergamot, Orange & Gardenia finished with Vanilla Bourbon & Sandalwood.

13. Realm: Sun rises in the Realm as Fresh Sea Mist & Salt Spray your long journey sailing the Narrow Sea. Winds from the East carry Lily & sun-drenched Coconut as you sail toward the Black Sands of Dragonstone, complete with the cool aroma of Driftwood.

14. Seven Kingdoms Ale: This very complex and pleasing brew is a malty blend of Grapefruit, Banana, Peppercorn, Honey, Orange Peel, Lemon & Ginger.

15. Stormlands: This harsh land full of savage terrain and trees is blanketed with morning mist and smoke. Wild boar roam around the damp, wet forest as humid air begins to settle in as a thunderstorm approaches.

16. Sweet Sleep: A few grains will slow a pounding heart, a pinch will grant a night of deep dreamless sleep, but three pinches will produce a never ending sleep. This sweet but deadly cocktail of Wildflower, Honey, Warm Spice & Sugared Amber is the gentlest of potions.

17. The Wall: The air is cool yet thick with the scent of Frozen Ocean & Lemon, sweetened with the smell of Fresh Powder & Musk.

18. Vale: High in the mountains of the Moon, the Vale breathes an aromatic infusion of Alpine, Evergreen & Fresh Currant. Situated between the Riverlands and the Narrow Sea, this scent is completed with the light breeze of Watermint.

19. Westerlands: Down the mountains and over the earthy hills, morning mist, fog and wet stone fill the air around Casterly Rock, while gold and silver fill the pockets of the Lannisters.

20. White Walkers: Strange and beautiful, the undead army is awoken by the scent of Mandarin & Mint. Thousands of blue eyes pierce the icy tundra, as the scent of Fir Needle & Geranium fills the air. The Night's King leads his army South with the confidence of rich Vetiver & Amber.

21. Winter Is Coming: Icy peels of Lime, Orange & Lemon fill the air, frozen in time with the essence of cooling Mint Leaves & Musk.

22. Winterfell: The scent of heavy smoke lingers after fire was set at the Battle of Winterfell. Crisp winter air wafts through the field, completed with the aromas of frosted birch and snow dusted evergreen trees.