Strawberry - Sampler

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This Sampler includes 15 approximately 1 oz. parasoy wax melts.

This Strawberry Sampler will include one Strawberry shaped wax melt in each of the following blends:

- Fresh Picked Strawberry

- Strawberry Preserves

- Strawberry White Cake

- Strawberry Bubblegum

- Strawberry Rhubarb

- Strawberry Blueberry Cinnamon Cornbread

- Strawberry Friendship Bread

- Strawberry Lemonade

- Strawberry Banana Sundae: Strawberry, Banana Cream, Vanilla Ice Cream

- Strawberry Nilla Wafer Smoothie: Strawberry Glaze, Strawberry White Cake, Vanilla Wafer, Waffle Cone, Vanilla, Egg Nog, Creme Brulee

- Strawberry Blonde Birthday Party: Strawberry, Blonde Moment, Birthday Cake, Cotton Candy, Sugar Cookie

- Strawberry Cheesecake

- Strawberry Soda: Strawberry Preserves & Cream Soda

- Strawberry Cream & Pineapple Coconut

- Strawberry Gain: Fresh Picked Strawberry & Gain Laundry type